Bubonic Plague Dbq Essay

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Throughout the Middle Ages, Europe was going through many changes; there was a new social class among the nobles, serfs, and peasants, the bourgeois, who are considered the modern day middle class. Europe was also experiencing the change to powerful centralized governments. But in 1347, disaster struck in the form of the Bubonic Plague or the Black Death, a bacterial disease that came from fleas on rats from the Black Sea and spread throughout Europe and along trade routes to East Asia. Because the Black Death killed 40 percent of the population, people during this dark time answered to the devastation in many ways. These responses, such as Flagellation and physician remedies also show how society did not understand this deadly disease…show more content…
Some turned a new religion, while others turned to inventive scientific techniques to cure them of certain death. People started doubting their past religious methods for new ones because they believed how they were worshipping was not good enough, so they were rightly being punished in the form of this disease. One of the most common forms of religious practice during this time was flagellation, the process of whipping or flogging yourself believing that they would be granted Divine Intervention. Flagellants would gather in very large groups in public places such as cities and perform their rituals to encourage growth in these methods (Document E). They would also use posters and pictures of their gatherings to strengthen their numbers (Document A). But this would prove futile after the Catholic church banned such practices. Another option of fighting this sickness was through the remedies and practices of physicians. The physicians did not understand the causes and symptoms of the Bubonic Plague, so they turned to using more and more dangerous methods, but these were still ineffective (Document D). Later, healthier precautions such as abstinence were enacted into the daily lives of people, this combined with new religious practices and physicians trying to figure out the proper remedy of the Black Death were never enough to cure the disease and almost all died with three days (Document
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