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| Reflection Final AssignmentUnit 10 | Nikisha | 6/24/13 | BU204 Macroeconomics | | | Reflection Final AssignmentUnit 10 | Nikisha | 6/24/13 | BU204 Macroeconomics | | Having been out of any sort of school environment for over twelve years, going back to school itself frightened me. However with this only being my second term at Kaplan, I still consider myself a fairly new student and finally getting the hand of online learning. My initially thoughts of Macroeconomics was that this class sounds extremely difficult, and after the very first seminar, I did contact my advisor to see if I could take another class. However, I am thankful I decided to stick it out. A lot of the concepts we covered in this course are things that I think and talk about daily, just more in a broader and basic format. My husband is in the military and I am a wireless carrier manager for retail, so understanding the why and how of these topics provided me with a couple of ahh haa moments, making it easier for me to understand economics better than ever. Gross Domestic Product, inflation, government spending, and recession are just some key topics that were discussed this term that we hear on a daily basis through various outlets, such as television, magazines and newspaper, radio, and just conversations. Understanding Gross Domestic Product is a topic that I believe will make me a stronger candidate in the business world. This topic relates to me in the aspect of moving to different countries and understanding the cost of living, and whether or not it would be in my family’s best interest to stay in the states or to go to a different country on military orders. This course has made me think not only of the cost of living, but how does the school system measure up. GDP is a measurement that can be used to gauge the economy of a country. The same

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