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Job Interview The job interview is a discussion between the employer and the applicant. Its purpose is to determine if the applicant is the right person for the job. Usually, the interviewer will contact you with an appropriate time and date. It’s essential that you be I time for the interview. Promptness indicates reliability. The interview is you’re first meeting with the employer, therefore you have to leave a good impression; you should also be very courteous and respectful. What to bring with you? It’s a good idea to always bring in an extra copy of you’re resume. It is also useful to bring in samples of you’re previous work and projects; If they relate to the job you’re applying to of course. Also it’s also a good idea to bring any other reference letters you have with you. Before The Interview Do some research to find out what this company does, its location, its services, its customers and history. Know the name of the interviewer and use it during the interview. and remember to always be positive. The Interviewers Questions The interviewers first question usually pertains to the information on you’re resume. Questions then shift to why you chose this particular job. Also be prepared to answer questions such as : “Tell me about yourself,” or “why are you applying for this job?” The End. The interviewer will usually signal the end of the interview with either a quick look at the clock or the question “is there anything more you would like to add?” Be prepared to ask any final questions and then make a polite departure (shake hands) and be sure to take your’e belongings with

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