Btec National Business - Unit 3 - D1

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D1 In this assignment I will evaluate the effectiveness of the use of techniques in marketing products or services for Google. Firstly, Google use multiple growth strategies. They have developed over the years to create more services such as Maps and Translate, and therefore use more of those strategies multiple times. They have used the strategy of product development by adding multiple languages to their page, therefore appealing and making their service more accessible to a wider international market. The results are also filtered to prioritise results from that particular geographical location in order to make them accurate to what the user may be searching for. The advantage of this is that the service is easily accessible and suitable to an international market who may not necessarily speak English, as well as better suited to fit their needs by the filtering of results. On the other hand, the disadvantage may be the complexity and therefore increased production and maintainance costs. Google staff who are fluent in the chosen languages would have also had to be hired, making it difficult to manage such a high number of staff. Additionally, multiple new high-performance servers would have had to be bought in order to sustain the exponential increase in the database. Overall, despite the difficulty of this technique, it has been effective and aided the company in developing their products and increasing their market to a worldwide status. This example may also relate to market penetration, as some users may have already used the service, but have been offered a more suited version of it. This is also useful, as their interest may increase with the increased suitability and specific targeting performed by Google. Users may also increase their usage of this search engine, as they are now able to rely on it to return results that are accurate to their interests

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