Btec Business Unit 4 P1 Essay

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Unit 4 P1 – explain different types of business information, their sources and purposes. With the improvements of people’s living standards, new and developed organisations use a range of methods to provide sources and obtain information. My chosen organisation will be Apple. • Verbal Information Verbal, face-to-face communication is the best way to communicate; I think the main reason for this is that there is less chance of a misunderstanding. Face to face communication allows for verbal and non-verbal messages. However, this is very time consuming and with constraints of time and budgets on a lot of business, it may not always be possible or practical to meet in person. The range of verbal communication is enormous, this includes telephone calls. Speech is a good way to express and discuss new or complex ideas, this is because for most people speech is the most comfortable method of expression, and it is also the easiest. Verbal communication is also immediate; therefore you know that the other person has got your message. For Apple verbal communication will appear both internally and externally as it is the best way to communicate with others. For example, customer assistants would normally speak to customers verbally, this is the best way to provide good customer service because it is the most effective, polite way to help customers, it is also a lot quicker and the customer has all of the staff member’s attention. This makes it very quick and easy to correct any issued brought up by customers if they need to be addressed. • Written Information This is the use of physical symbols to represent words; however written information also includes diagrams, graphs and charts, all types of visual representation. All forms of numerical representation can be included under this heading as well. Written information could come from a range of different sources

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