Btec Business Level 3 Unit 9 M1

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Explain how promotion is integrated with the rest of the marketing mix in a selected organisation to achieve its marketing aims and objectives. My selected organisation is Toyota and I will explain how promotion is integrated with price, product and place (the other Ps of marketing) to achieve their marketing goals. Promotion is an important aspect of the marketing mix for Toyota and it has to work effectively with other aspects of the marketing mix in order for Toyota to have a coherent marketing mix. During the promotion process, Toyota will have to show the general public where they can actually find the cars to buy. They will not just advertise and display on TV, telling people that new Toyota brands are available. The place where the cars are sold also has to be very accessible by people if not the entire promotion process will be in vain, as people will not go to places that aren’t easily accessible because they want a car. The promotion method must appeal to the target audience. If they choose to advertise the Yaris car on the television, they can choose to show the advert in between a TV show that young ladies watch. Toyota would have to use a lady-like setting in the advertisement. Toyota would also show the price of the car, no matter the media of promotion they choose. Before people decide to buy something, they must know how much it would cost them. They will need to know whether they can afford the vehicle or not. Products and services: the product range refers to the actual kinds of products a business sells. Toyota is a car company, so they deal strictly with cars. They don’t have a wide product range but they sell different types of cars e.g., Toyota Camry, Toyota Yaris and many others. Toyota sells their cars to other car companies and to customers directly as an international company. The different types of cars they make to sell depend on

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