Btec Applied Science L3 Unit 5 - Right or Wrong

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The word ‘ethics’ basically means moral values, it effects the way a person lives their life, and it also has an effect on decisions people make. ‘How to live a good life’, ‘our rights and responsibilities’, ‘the language of right and wrong’, ‘what is good and bad’, all of these come under ethics. People’s perception of ethics can differentiate from religions, philosophies, and cultures. Topics like abortion, professional conduct, and human rights are all debateable because of ethics. I think that ethics is acknowledging the difference between something right and wrong; it is a thinking procedure of deciding whether something shouldn’t or should be done. In my opinion being ethical is saying something or doing something and keeping you integrity. It is being able to stand up for yourself and what you believe without any negativity that could be offensive to others. Not every person is perfect but when faced with a difficult decision, if you do the best thing you can do then that means you have good morals. When a person’s first instinct is that something is wrong and therefore doesn’t do it that is ethical, however if knowing something is wrong but still do it that is unethical. Having good morals can also mean that the person has good ethics. Good ethics can be from doing the smallest things to the biggest things, for example helping a person being robbed is good ethics however even sharing something with a sibling is good ethics. Testing drugs on humans or animals Drugs are tested on animals for human benefits, when drugs are tested on animals they usually have to suffer an extreme amount of pain; this is something that

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