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Scope of Nursing In Health Promotion Family Centered Health Promotion NRS- 429V July 12 2014 Different Aspects of Health. Health is a state of physical, mental, spiritual, and social functioning that allows a person to reach their individual potential for optimum health.(Edelman& mandle,n.d).It is a fundamental concept in society. This concept is adapted as major paradigms. The first paradigm is the wellness-Illness continuum (Newman2003) The second paradigm characterizes health as a perspective developmental phenomenon of unitary pattern of the person- environment (Newman2003) The role of nurses in health promotion and prevention has changed greatly with expansion in healthcare system and affordable care act. Nurses are not only seen as promoters of health but they are patient educators and advocates. In order to reach these goals the nurses must have good knowledge of disease process, the progression of the disease and have good evidence based knowledge. The three- levels of health care promotion are primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention. All of these levels fall under the wellness continuum. The purpose of this paper is to compare these three levels and give example of how they can play a role in promotion of health and prevention of disease. Primary Health Promotion To build a strong healthcare system primary health promotion is very important which will ensure positive health outcomes and high equity. Primary prevention generally applies to healthy people before disease or dysfunction can occur. This is achieved by health education, increasing people’s resistance to illness like

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