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Bsn Vs Adb Essay

  • Submitted by: bestoldlady
  • on March 3, 2012
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Technologic advancement in the 21st century has caused more complex medical and socio ecomic dilemmas for nursing staff.     Computer programs are maintaining patient’s medical histories, medications and personal information.   Drug and supply dispensing machines assist the hospital in maintaining an accurate daily inventory of all supplies and drugs used by the patient.     Knowledge of automated systems is the most essential tool for advancement in today’s specialized field of health care.   A greater percentage of patients are currently on medi-care/medical government funded medical plans.   These medical plans are insufficient to cover all medical expenses incurred during hospitalization and after discharge.   A report on “The Future of Nursing” states, “an increase in the percentage of nursing with a BSN is imperative as the scope of what the public needs from nurses grow, expectation surrounding quality heighten…” ADN nursing consists of 60 units in general education and clinical nursing courses which are completed within a 2-year time frame.   Their goal and demands” focus on health promotion, illness, prevention, rehabilitation and supporting the resources of the person who is ill or threatened with illness in adapting to changes within the environment” per Cerritos Community College Nursing Website.   BSN nursing consists of 120 units in such courses as professionalism, ethical decision-making, accountability, critical thinking and effective communication per the Grand Canyon University College of Nursing Philosophy and is completed within a 4-year time frame.     The differences in associate degree nurses and bachelor in science nurses are the increased level of responsibilities in patient care, administrative roles and decision-making.
Upon graduation, new ADN nurses, after obtaining their RN license, are encouraged to apply for nursing positions working the medical/surgical floors of a local hospital or nursing homes to enhance their knowledge.   BSN...

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