Bshs 451 Unit 5.1 Exercise Paper

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Methods Exercise BSHS 451 February 20, 2013 Amanda Moghadas Methods 5.1 Exercise Mission Statement The Mission of the Pristine Senior Center is to provide services of excellence to Seniors 65 years and older, in the city of Stockton, California, and the surrounding areas through exciting Salsa dance lessons and computer classes during the weekend to maintain a healthy and social independence. The objective of the Pristine Senior Center is to provide Salsa Lessons to seniors 65 years and older on weekends in and around the Stockton, and San Joaquin county area. The first task is to hire a dance instructor, and to accomplish this task the agency will place an advertisement on Craig’s list website for one month starting on March 12, 2013 to April 12, 2013 for a certified dance instructor. Sub-task one; listed on the site will be the salary for the…show more content…
The first task is to determine how many people we will need to fit in the room and the flooring cost. Subtask one; Pristine Agency has determined the room needs to fit 100 people for sitting and dancing thus, requiring space of 15feet x 15feet. Subtask two; the next determination was the hardwood flooring. On March 18, 2013, purchased will be 25 cases of laminate wood flooring at $50 dollar per case, including labor of $3000 totaling $4,250 needed for the flooring project and $2,500 for the 10 round tables and 60 chairs. The project’s completion date will be April 15, 2013. The second task is the music and equipment selection as well as the cost will start at 25 compact disc. There is a discounted rate of $5 per compact disc and the music system of $400 bringing the total cost of the music and equipment to play the music to $500 to be purchased on March 21, 2013. The person responsible for this task is Mary Jones the Activities director who will oversee the entire project. Financial needed are for the first half of the projects

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