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Bsdf Fsf Df Essay

  • Submitted by: bilalzahoor1
  • on May 16, 2012
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Deluded Heart
A few miles south of homeroom, the stairs plummet toward the ground running deep and smoothly into a measureless hallway stretching from towering lockers to chilling classrooms. A shrieking bell sounds lasting more than a minute. The air is cool too, for it must pass through the airy windows before being disclosed to the strand of people walking, chatting, and laughing in the halls. Ahead of them there is a path that diverges into two, on one side there is a narrow yet successful path in which only the true and righteous may pass, the other is where the corrupt and deceitful must go. However, change is possible with whom it is possible; a path can always be reconstructed.
There is a hall through the middle and among the students. A path beaten hard by teenagers strolling from classes, daily they eat at a gathering of no more than 600 at a time. Gathered amongst a table there is two chairs on which two young men are seated. They had walked aside each other down the hall and even in the open they were next to one another. The first man was short and active, with restless eyes and dull, smooth features. Beside him walked his opposite, a tall man, defined of face, with large, round eyes, with an act of hacking as a skill. The tall man nervously stumbled in front of the other.
“Sam!” he said sharply. “Sam, don’t you have a test today?” Sam continued walking; only stopping to remove the slender ear phones that hung from his ears. “Sam, don’t you have a test today?”
Sam looked at Keith with his restless eyes and spoke, “Yes I do, what of it?” Keith slowly walked over to the side and motioned for Sam to follow. “Whadaya want? Where gonna miss lunch.” Huddled into a corner both men had a feeling to exchange secrets.
Keith rose his slender arms on which a bony hand was attached. He brought it up close to his chapped mouth and whispered, “I hacked the answers to that test; let’s work t’gether to get a hundred.” Beads of sweat rolled down Sam’s face,...

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