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SECTION 1: ESTABLISH PERSONAL WORK GOALS ------------------------------------------------- Top of Form Activity 1 * 1 What characteristics do you believe a positive role model in the workplace should demonstrate? Bottom of Form 2 Describe a person you have looked up to as a positive role model. What qualities in them did you admire? What made them a suitable role model? What did you learn from them? 3 Can a person be a positive workplace role model if they are poorly organised and do not operate effectively? Activity 2 * 1 How would you ensure that you personal work goals reflect the organisation’s plans, and your own responsibilities and accountabilities? Do not limit your ideas to those provided in the text. 2. A member of your team has presented you with their work goals for the next quarter. You are surprised to see that they all focus on this person pursuing a particular project that they raised with you last month. You need to have this person working on the new product launch and you cannot see how they will have time to spend on a project that does not contribute in any way to the new product getting to market. What strategies could you use to help the team member understand the goals of the organisation and the team, and realign their work goals to reflect the organisation’s plans and goals? Activity 3 * 1 Which of the time stealers found here could impact on your personal performance in varying work conditions? Using the table provided, mark the areas that might affect your personal performance. Which of the time stealers you marked on the list can be fixed by you? What method would you use for dealing with each of the time stealers and thereby improving your personal performance? Upload your answer for assessment. 2 Make a list of any other contingencies that might directly impact on your personal
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