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Written Assessment and Practical Tasks (Section 4) Managing your career Q1: One of your aims will be to complete the Diploma qualification. Ideally, it is best to manage this training, as well as other professional development activities which will enhance your learning and development. You will need to do the study whilst competing with other demands. Review the Professional Development Template in the Appendix. A1: Transfer details of units of competency you are currently studying into the template and identify your proposed start and completion dates. 0 Satisfactory 0 Needs revision ________________________________________ Q2: Conduct a Training Needs Analysis based on your current circumstances and a management position you aspire. (You may elect to continue working in an earlier business simulation). In addition to your Diploma studies, include in the template provided, professional development opportunities or training that you would need to be complete over the next 12months. A2: Transfer information to the Professional Development Template, in the Appendix, and assign timeframes. 0 Satisfactory 0 Needs revision ________________________________________ Q3: It is important to identify the best way you learn (learning style), so you will use appropriate strategies which best suit you. Please complete a learning style survey (please refer to Study Plan for a suggested survey) to help you to identify what is your learning style. Include results below and in a sentence discuss how you will take the results into account when learning or when developing competence. A3: 0 Satisfactory 0 Needs revision ________________________________________ Q4: From experience, there are obstacles or barriers that impede our study plans. Identify your barriers and obstacles. List key strategies you could you
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