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1 What is the hierarchy of control? Identify and briefly explain the five risk control measures of the hierarchy of control in order. Provide an example of each measure. The hierarchy of control is the preferred order of risk control measures. 1) Elimination of the hazard - Procedures must address what options are available to get rid of the hazard completely. For example: New office equipment should meet ergonomic needs. 2) Substituting the hazard - Replacing a hazardous substance with a less hazardous one. For example: Replacing a phone handset with a headset for someone who is frequently on the phone. 3) Engineering and isolating controls - The provision or mechanical aides, barriers, machine guarding, ventilation or insulation to isolate a hazard from workers. For example: Using antiglare screens on computers. 4) Establishing policies, procedures and work practices - Designed to reduce a workers exposure to a risk can also include the provision of specific training & supervision. For example: Increasing job variety and introducing job rotation. 5) Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - PPE must be provided and maintained by the employer and the employer must also provide training for workers required to use it. For Example: Eye protection when working with chemicals 2 What is a hazard? What is a risk? What is the purpose of a risk assessment? How can hazards be identified? What is risk management? A hazard is identified as anything or any condition which has the potential to cause injury, harm to health or source potentially damaging energy. A risk is considered as the potential for adverse effects to result from an activity or an event. The purpose of a risk assessment is to determine the appropriate short and long term controls and setting priorities for actions to eliminate or mitigate the risk associated with the proposed changes.

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