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Establish and Maintain WHS Management Systems Australian Hardware Australian Hardware provides the best quality hardware, home wares, garden supplies and building materials from Australia and the world. Australian Hardware is committed to providing customers and tradespeople with value through everyday low prices, product quality, expert service, community engagement and environmental responsibility. Policies and Procedures needs to be included * Injury prevention and safety * Rehab and claims * Insurance * Laws and compliance * Service providers * Licensing and registrations Adaptation and amendments required to existing policies * Notification of an incident * Managing risk * Workplace hazards * Hazardous manual task * Safety Leadership at Work Program * Safety alerts * Workplace health and safety laws * Work and safety training Roles, responsibilities and accountabilities required The WHS Act places the primary duty of care and various other duties and obligations on a ‘person conducting a business or undertaking’ (PCBU). The meaning of a PCBU is set out in section 5 of the WHS Act. A ‘person’ may be an organisation or an individual A ‘person’ is defined in laws dealing with interpretation of legislation to include a body corporate (company), unincorporated body or association and a partnership. An individual is also a ‘person’, but will only be a PCBU where that individual is conducting the business in their own right (as a sole trader or self-employed person). Individuals who are in a partnership that is conducting a business will individually and collectively be a PCBU. Section 5 (4) of the WHS Act makes it clear that an individual is not a PCBU if they are involved in the business or undertaking only as a worker or officer of the business or undertaking. The concept of

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