Bsbohs301B Apply Knowledge of Ohs Legislation in the Workplace

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Unit 1: Apply Knowledge of OHS legislation in the workplace. (BSBOHS301B) Assessment Activity 1: 1. From what sources might you access current OHS legislation, codes, standards, policies & procedures? * The National Occupational Health and Safety Commission * Australian Council of Trade Unions * Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry * COMCARE Australia * Standards Australia 2. How do you ensure integrity (validity) of information? I would utilise a variety of sources to correlate, compare and match information in order to determine consistency & validity. Assessment Activity 2: OHS codes and regulations are intended to support the basic tenets or intentions of OHS legislation. What are these tenets? * Secure the workplace health, safety & welfare of employees * Protect persons (including the general public) at or near workplaces from risks to health & safety arising out of work activities * Ensure that expert occupational health & safety advice is available to employers, employees & contractors * Promote work environments that are adapted to the health & safety needs of employees * Provide workplaces that are free from unnecessary stress & that are secure * Foster cooperation & consultation between employers & employees on matters related to employee health, safety & welfare. Assessment Activity 3: 1. Explain, in your own words, what Duty of Care means to you. Duty of Care is a legal requirement; in which a person must take all means possible to ensure the health, safety & welfare of themselves, workers, general public & contractors, by anticipating possible causes of injury & illness & undertaking prompt actions to remove or minimise these risks, as is reasonably practicable. 2. What do you think it means, in

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