Bsbmg501a Assessment Activity 1

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Assessment activity 1 Defining the project The following table maps the assessment activity for this chapter against the element and performance criteria of Element 1 in BSBPMG501A Manage projects. The activity has been designed for all learners to complete. Part | Element | Performance criteria | A | 1 | All | B | 1 | All | You are required to complete either Part A OR Part B: * Part A is for workplace learners and relates to a project you are currently working on, or about to work on, in your workplace. * Part B is a case study for those learners outside the workplace and/or who do not currently work in a project-management capacity. Which ever question you complete, you will be following your project or case study through all the assessment activities in the remaining chapters of this unit. Part A Choose a project you have been assigned to in your workplace currently or in the…show more content…
Explain how you will understand what resources are available to you during this project and how you will access them. Who will you consult to help you gather this information and answer your queries? In the context of this project, explain why it is important to understand stakeholders’ expectations of you generally as well as specifically with regard to reporting and information flow throughout the project. What will you do to ensure the reports you produce meet the needs of stakeholders? List the project outcomes against which you will later measure the results of the project. How will you investigate whether the project is linked to other projects and how it reflects your organisation’s objectives? How will you clarify any further questions you have? OR Part B If you are not completing this unit within the workplace and/or not currently working in a project-management role, you can use the following case study for this

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