Bsbmed305B Assessment Essay

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BSBMED305B – Apply the principles of confidentiality, privacy and security within the medical environment Enter your name and SAM ID in the fields above. Enter your answers in the spaces provided below the questions Save this document as BSBMED305B assessment Question 1 – Name 3 things you can do to keep patient files secure. For example, you could use passwords on electronic systems. • Electronic swipe card ID access and making sure the door is locked to the room • Securely locked cabinet • Electronic door pass Question 2 – Kelly would like information regarding her Father’s current health. List 2 things you would consider before talking with Kelly. • You are unable to release information without the Fathers consent • Depending if this is over the phone or in person and even though she claims to be his daughter as you are unaware of the relationship with the father and daughter you can not assume she has consent unless he is there and able to give consent Question 3 – A patient is on the phone, they are asking you to change their name details. How would you proceed? I would explain that when they are next in they can change their details as we can not change information over the phone and to bring identification with their new name Question 4 – A patient has had some blood tests and would like the results over the phone. Would you give the results to the patient? No as I am not qualified to release this information I would arrange with the patient to make an appointment and have the doctor discuss the results. Question 5 – A pharmaceutical sales rep has some medication samples to leave for the Dr. They need to be kept under 4°. How would you handle this situation? ☐ Take the samples and put them in the lunch fridge ☒ Ask the Rep to wait until the Dr is available ☐ Ask the Rep to speak with the Practice

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