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Business Service Training Learner Guide BSBADM502B Manage meetings Tony Rocca May 13 SECTION 1: PREPARE FOR MEETINGS Assessment activity 1 1. What are the different types of formal meetings that might be held in a workplace and what purpose do they serve? * Performance reviews: to discuss a staff member’s performance with a view to improve on, and also to praise any achievements. * Productivity Meetings: to discuss with staff how to maximize profit through all areas of a business. * OHS Meetings: to discuss and action any issues concerning the well being of the staff and visitors. * Sales meetings: to discuss all things to do with sales and how they can be improved. * Strategic planning meetings: to define a strategy and…show more content…
7. What confidentiality issues might impact on the information discussed in meetings? Topics on the agenda of a meeting are more often than not, subject to confidentiality requirements. * Disclosure of sales tactics to be applied in the field. * Financial information of the company. * Any sales promotions for the future. * Company and individual budgets. Assessment activity 5 Explain how you would brief a minute taker at one of the meetings you might organise. Describe the purpose and style of the meeting and outline the information you would share with the minute taker. * I would go through the agenda with the minute taker in detail and explain the outcome required. * I will ask the minute taker to include in the minutes the attendees, any apologies, and business arising. * I will ask him to only take relevant points down * To include what tasks to be done, to a timeframe as well as a nominated person assigned. * To make sure that non attendees receive the minutes. * To make sure that the minutes will be distributed with a timeframe, possibly within 24 hours. Assessment activity
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