Bsbled501A Unit 4 Assessment Two

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ASSESSMENT TWO – SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS YOU ARE TO ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS AS ASSESSMENT TWO FOR THIS UNIT. Create learning opportunities 1. How can learning and development specialists help workplace supervisors design and develop effective learning programs? Learning and development specialist can help supervisors administer, create and deliver training programs. They assess the needs of the employees. Once these needs are determined. The specialist develop custom training programs that take place in the company. They help through surveys, interviews with employees, supervisors. Then design and create training manuals, online learning modules and course materials. They also train employees using variety of instructional techniques. They monitor and evaluate programs to ensure they are current and effective. 2. Why is it desirable to maximise individual and team participation in learning events and how can this be done? As a manager we are in a positon to support and encourage our team members to actively seeks ways to build learning experiences about tackling new challenges and looking at problems in new ways. We can do this by learning events as per below; • Demonstrations • Role-plays, games and simulations • Discussions, presentations, brainstorming • Case studies, problem solving / analysis activities • Field trips • Assignments, projects and reports • Work-based learning –on the floor Facilitate and promote learning 3. What role does workplace supervisors/management play in facilitating and promoting learning? Supervisors/Management role in facilitating and promoting learning is encouraging dialogue amongst the teams in order to facilitate team
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