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Appendix 2: Recruitment Schedule Summary In order to meet the growing business of CoffeeVille, the owners have expressed the need of a second cafe manager, either full-time or part-time, to manage customers and staff as well as oversee cafe operation. The new position is to be filled within 6 months. The current floor manager Joe Belfone, works Monday to Thursday, and the cafe does not run smoothly when Joe is not working on Friday. Also due to the business growth, the owners have decided to open on Saturday, and requires at least one manager to be on the floor from Monday to Saturday. The owners, Rufus and Emma Belcastran, would like to recruit through interviews and attract applicants through referral. The candidates should possess the relevance skills in managing a small business, understands the operations inside a cafe, able to manage and train staff. Anyone of any age, gender, and The current floor manager, Joe Belfone, prefers promoting internal staff. The new manager needs to work four weekdays and Saturday, and be familiar with cafe operations. Milestone: Planning 2 days Owners Write job description and selection criteria 3 days Owners and manager Confirm interview selection panel 10 days Owners and manager Determine attraction strategies, draft and submit advertisement 4 days Owners and manager Receive applications, determine selection technique, and shortlist candidates 14 days Owners and manager Arrange interviews and prepare interview questions

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