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CHAPTER 1: PREPARING FOR MEETINGS ASSESSMENT ACTIVITY 1 Part A 1. Reflect on the meetings that you have been involved in during your business or personal life. Record four examples of meetings. Identify the type of meeting held, the reason for meeting and any outcomes. An example is provided in the following table. Meeting Type | Reason for meeting | Meeting outcomes | Impromptu/Emergency Meeting | Sales manager noticed that sales performance of a sales executive was very low even though it was already mid-month | Find out the reason for poor performance.Immediate action plans to increase sales were discussed. | Staff meeting | To announce the resignation of a senior manager | Inform all staff of the resignation and last day of the senior manager.Reassure staff that there will be minimal impact. | Video Conference | Head office is located in Singapore and the branch office is located in Perth | Perth office to provide updates to Singapore office on issues and matters relating to the Perth office | Board Meeting | Subsidiary company to provide updates on their performance to their Board of Directors | Quarterly updates are given by senior management of subsidiary company.Approval is sought for matters requiring Board members’ approval. | 2. Access the following websites about meeting preparation, or read three articles on meetings, then compare each of them, noting the commonalities and any differences you find. MW: HR: | Commonalities | Differences | Before the meeting | * Planning the meeting properly * Distribution of agenda and supporting materials | MW: Suggests varying meeting places and choosing the right locationHR: No mention of the above | During the meeting | * Involve participants and

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