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INTRODUCTION The Team has been comissioned to research Riordan’s structure and current situation with the means of proposing a new Information System; as a quick introduction meantioned are what wehere identified as the most considarable weekneses of the business. This poroposed system could signify investments not just only in software but the proper Architecture for such solution as well. The goal is not only to address all current and upcoming issues that the company faces, but the new system would provide Riordan with means of scalability of all business processes with the need to go throug the same upgrade excersice in the future. One of the main problems identified by the committee was that the three main areas of bussiness are disconnected with archaic practices and indepent or temporary solutions that do not offer a comprehensive system for employees and upper management. At the back-end of the company are Human Resources and the Legal departments, which don’t necessary produce or generate business, but they essentially represent the nervous system of an Enterprise. What would be discussed later are the severe vulnerability issues these two supportive departments have, where security and inefficiency are the number one concern. At the front-end of the Business the Sales and Marketing departments are not as exposed as the previous two, but still required a serious overhaul of the current methods utilized. An almost state of urgency is detected in regard to deploying a system that will allow decision makers to utilize accurate and timely data from all other areas of business. The last realm of business that was area of focus was Operarions, this could be considered the core of the company since it is what drives business, what could make-it or break-it for Riordan. As the previous two areas, Operations is in need of a solution that will no only increase

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