Bsa310 Final Project Essay

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Team B: Final Project James Abbott, Jason Baker, Joshua Cavender, Christopher Louison, Steven A. McNolty, Lyron Woodard BSA/310 July 28, 2014 Marsha Devine Team B: Final Project Finance and Accounting: After careful review of the home page I have a better understanding of how the company was started as well as the methods for creating their product. Dr. Riordan has put his knowledge and abilities to work and created a marketable product that is cost effective and inventive. The processes and formulas invented by Dr. Riordan have been patented and the product has been a big success and has helped the success of the company from their original manufacturing plant in Pontiac, MI. Now they have entities in Georgia, California and China. Their business model is effective however their Finance and Accounting systems need to be streamlined and redesigned so that they can continue on in their success. As of now the Finance and accounting practices of Riordan manufacturing are mediocre at best. The fact that all of their locations are running on three different types of software applications and that none of their information is integrated is costing them time and money. There is no possible way for them to accurately track their financial data, especially when it might have to be sent as a hard copy and then re-entered into another system at a separate location. This is a problem because having to re-enter the same data at multiple different locations is what leads to errors which can be very costly to the company. The San Jose location has employed a software application that is Windows based and was specifically created for use in their industry. This system seems to be the right system for their company and will benefit them in the long run as the business grows. The real problem lies with the fact that each of the different

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