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Kudlow Fine Foods Kudlow Fine Foods Frequent Flyer Program Business Systems BSA 310 University of Phoenix February 6 2012 Paula Billup Kudler Fine Foods is a specialized fine foods store located in California whose main goal is to offer and sell affordable and reasonable priced specialized fine foods to consumers. Kudler does not consider the price of products to be a primary differentiator from other stores, however do believe exposure of the store through expansion will lead to greater profits. Kudler offer prices that do not compare to other stores of similar product leaving no room for competitiveness from similar stores with similar product. Kudler fine foods are currently looking at expanding its operations through implementing loyalty points program or frequent points program that allows customers to earn rewards points that can be later redeemed gifts at a later date. As part of the program customer transactions will easily be able to be tracked, trends will be able to be tracked and identified which will give Kudler the ability to customize products to best meet the needs and wants of the consumer. There is however some considerations that will need to be identified and taken into account before full implementation of the frequent shopper program can take place. A financial analysis will need to be conducted before the program can be implemented to justify expenditure and costs of setting up the program, legal, ethical, and security issues will be need to be identified to avoid any possible problems that may occur in the future. Kudler Fine Foods has identified the need for a website and expansion; this also provides new opportunity for expansion through E-Commerce. The website would allow customers to check business hours for the existing stores, what inventory is in stock, what offers the store has, daily specials,

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