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BSA 385 UOP Complete Class Homework Aid Complete Class All Assignments and DQs To Purchase Entire Class Click Link below: BSA 385 Week 1 Discussion Questions Why is cost-effective software engineering so important in today’s design and development of Information System solutions? Based on the Keston (2010) article, under what circumstances would you consider using Agile software development methodologies? Why has flexibility become so important in developing viable system solutions? BSA 385 Week 2 Individual Assignment Frequent Shopper Program 1 Frequent Shopper Program, Part IBackground: Smith Consulting is a firm that has been contracted…show more content…
Hardware platform: Describe the hardware environment to support the development and production of this system. 2. Network connections between the stores and headquarters: A network diagram is required. 3. Software Development Tools: Describe the software development tool proposed to build this application. 4. Database information: An entity-relationship diagram (ERD) is expected for customer data covering personal data and purchases. 5. User interfaces: Describe the interface for data collection and notification to store personnel and customers. 6. Controls: Describe the controls to make sure the customer information is accurately maintained and the purchase activity is accurately captured.7. Security: Describe the security measures to protect the customer’s personal and purchase history…show more content…
YOU are going to develop the software that goes into this....go read up on this and develop a software and implementation plan to do so, no buying packages already out other words RUN with this.....have FUN with this, make up software names, take something out there make it better be CREATIVE. Based on the Kercher (2011) article, what affect does Microsoft Office Live® have on how small medium size businesses design, develop, implement, deploy, and support office systems? BSA 385 Week 5 Team Assignment Smith Software Testing Environment Submit the paper describing standards and testing environment. BSA 385 Week 5 Smith Team Assignment Software Testing Environment Presentation Submit the Smith Consulting Management presentation. BSA 385 Week 4 Discussion Questions How important is it to choose the right tools given the paradigm shift to user-facing, web-based application solutions? How has this affected the traditional SDLC analysis phase? Should an enterprise architecture strategy be established before an enterprise SDLC methodology is established? Do you think an emphasis on architecture preempts the traditional reliance on the SDLC methodology to ensure IT

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