Bsa 375 Week 3 Analysis

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SR-KF-013-Team C-Week3 Anastasia Rylova, Bryan Davis, Caonabo Reyes, BSA/375 July 15, 2013 Shoumen Bardhan SR-KF-013-Team C-Week3 Determination of Requirements - BKD In determining the best options for Kudler staff and customers, Team C will utilize multiple analysis methods. Team C will interview staff and customers at every Kudler location to understand needs for the new system. Team C will complete a meticulous examination of any Riordan documents and files related to collecting customer information. Because there is currently no system in place we will use joint application design (JAD) to utilize participation from the frequent shopper program’s stakeholders. The primary JAD session will be held to establish four primary objectives. 1. Identify project objectives and limitations 2. Identify critical success factors 3. Define project deliverables 4. Define schedules for deliverables In addition to the primary JAD…show more content…
Upgrading the existing network equipment to Cisco 24-port Gigabit switches will ensure state of the art security and speed. Using smart switches the burden of configuring a Cisco switch will not be required by the IT department, yet the quality and reliability of a Cisco product will be consistent throughout the network. The operating systems used will be supplied by Microsoft and the client OS decided on was Microsoft Windows 7 Professional. As the latest client OS, Windows 7 offers strong security. The human computer interface would need to be advanced from POS stations to add touch screen monitors and card readers. The touch screen and card reader, combined with the new systems software, should provide an intuitive efficiency that will reduce customer stress of having to wait at the checkout line, thus improving the shopping experience for

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