Bsa/375 Week 1 Individual Paper Riordan Part 1

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Service Request SR-rm-022 Part 2 of 3 Victoria Thompson BSA/375 Michele Petrone The successful implementation of the new human resources information system (HRIS) can not take place until both the system architecture and design have been developed. The system architecture refers to the physical structure that includes hardware, software, network support, processing methods, and security that is derived from the logical design of the information system that was developed during the previous phase of the system development life cycle. The architecture should be able to support the requirements of the department and the organization. The architectural design should also be cost-effective, flexible, and technically sound. (Shelly & Rosenblatt 2011). Once this system blueprint has been developed and approved the implementation phase can begin. As with any other information system, security control is mandatory and one of the most important aspects of the designing process. Installing anti-virus software and using firewalls will help ensure that any and all information that is entered, accessed, transferred, shared, and stored is done so securely. Riordan employees will be required to provide personal passwords to gain access to the human resources information system. Employees will also have limited access to sensitive data, and the employees that do have special permissions to access HR related information will go through an additional authorization process. Riordan does not currently conduct background checks on potential employees before hiring; however, requiring background checks on all personnel candidates could reduce the risk of internal security breaches (“Riordan” 2013). Also, it is crucial for every employee in every department to be trained and become familiar with security protocols, compliance mandates, and industry security standards.

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