Bsa/310 Week 2 Dq's Essay

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Week 2 DQs Due Day 3: DQ 1 - Discuss the effect of the legal environment on the firm’s global competitiveness. Post your response to this thread. There are several laws to keep companies going in the right direction of the playing field to keep things fair. It's important to remember that the laws for employee hiring such as Equal Opportunity such as labor laws and Economics such as taxes, exchange and interest rates, Social Impacts, Ethics, Customs, and Political, Location, and even Labor Union aspects must be factored in as well. These external forces play a major role when companies decide to go global. The global attributes of laws and economic forces contribute to the competitiveness of the businesses, supply and demand and its effects on the locals is something that weighs in on opening a business in a foreign country. The domestic business must meet certain guidelines in the legal aspect but also for the customs and benefits towards the foreign people. How will they benefit? Will it help the foreign economy? Is it an underdeveloped or developed country? Will the domestic company profit by outsourcing part of the company processes to a foreign country. Pricing on raw product or goods to manufacture product must be configured when making these decisions along with the labor to make sure that there is still a competitive advantage without losing jobs for the domestic country. Buying low and selling high or selling at profitable rates is the key behind global companies, keeping their cost low and production high. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Due Day 5 DQ 2 - Describe the many threats to information security. Post your response to this thread. According to the Top 10 Information Security Threats are: 1. Malware - was the second

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