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Bsa/310 Week 2 Essay

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Week 2 Individual Service Request Paper
BSA/310 Business System
Professor: Jennifer Streker
Due: July 29, 2013

Kudler Fine foods is in the process of creating a frequent shopper program where their customer’s purchases will be tracked in which they will start to receive “loyalty” points that can be redeemable for high value items. Such a program can possible include legal, ethical, and information security concerns, and if implemented improperly can result in possible fines and or other costs. Further enhancement and modifications can be made on a needed basis. This type of implementation can happen as the company grows, allowing for progression that can be much easier to monitor and maintain. All employees will be carefully trained in data analysis which in turn will allow all employees to get a better understanding or idea of the needs and demands of the programs and the customers. This will allow Kudler Fine Foods a step above the competition and will also offer benefits.
Storing and accessing customer’s information needs to be done in a safe and secure manner. At any time customer information is obtained, certain disclaimers, agreements, and the capability of canceling at any time needs to be included and implemented in order to avoid any type of legal action from happening. Personal information can be easily identified and tracked which in turn poses a few concerns. Customers that would like to participate in this program need to read and sign a “Terms of Use” agreement advising them about how their personal information will be used. This agreement also needs to include that any information will not be sold or shared to any third-party vendors. If the system is a web-based then cookies would need to be handled in a way that will ensure any online privacy and security. If cookies are deleted in any manner then they will be considered a new customer when they go to log on again. Saving any cookie information without the consent of a...

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