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F & A Ryan Ludwig BSA/310 June 4, 2011 Frank Leong F & A Riordan Manufacturing is faced with a few problems concerning their Financial and Accounting Department. They have three manufacturing plants across the United States, which are located in Georgia, Michigan, and California, and are currently using different financial and accounting systems, software, and programs at each location. Riordan Manufacturing’s corporate office is in San Jose, California. Every month they receive all the financial and accounting data from the other plants and consolidate it to determine the company’s totals in assets, liabilities, and equity. All of the information received needs to be re-entered because their data systems are not compatible. When converting or re-entering the data, such as the company’s General Ledgers, Income Statements, and Balance Sheets it takes corporate countless man hours to finish. The numbers are usually not ready until 15-20 day later. Not to mention they still have to do a monthly audit, which requires auditors to be hired from an outside source (Apollo Group, 2006). The first thing that Riordan Manufacturing should do is implicate new information system software for their finance and accounting department, which is to be used throughout the entire company at all three locations. A software system that can immediately help Riordan Manufacturing with their current financial and accounting situation is the Microsoft Office - Access 2010. Microsoft (2011) stated that: Access is a tool that you can use to quickly and easily develop relational database applications that help you manage information. You can create a database to help you keep track of just about any kind of information, such as inventory, professional contacts, or business processes. In fact, Access comes with templates that you can use right away to track a variety of

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