Bryant & Stratton Admission Essay

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Bryant & Stratton offers me an education that works around my schedule. It gives me the opportunity to balance out my duties at work, as well as at home. I finally have the time to continue my education and I plan to take full advantage. Now that I am returning to school, I believe I am more able and determined to strive towards my career path, which is HEALTH ADMINISTRATION. However, the main focus towards this goal is to receive my education. Online education at Bryant & Stratton gives me many outlets and opportunities that will lead to my future successes. I strongly believe it will guide and offer me the tools to improve, in order for me to pursue my future career. My ability to organize tasks, stick to deadlines, and manage tasks is going to make my success in online classes a reality. Throughout the years of being in the workforce I have discovered that planning is the key to achieving positive results. Receiving this scholarship will enable me to further my education in Health Administration and assist me on reaching my future goals. The Health Administration field is where I believe I have much to offer. Growing up in a Samoan community that was very big on respect, caring for others came naturally. With just one other sibling, I managed to learn, at a young age, leadership skills because of the tasks that I would volunteer to take on. Now as an adult, I chose to spend my time volunteering my services to the elderly and children in the community. Looking after my parents who have health problems motivates me to pursue a better future. I am looking forward to the responsibilities that my future holds and plan to take on the challenges that may come with it. My commitment to my education is the greatest strength I bring to this program. I now understand that this is not an opportunity to be taken lightly. I feel that my years with working in the

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