Brutus and Portia vs. Caesar and Calpurnia

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Brutus and Portia vs. Caesar and Calpurnia Brutus and Portia have a very strong, close relationship. They don’t hide secrets or anything that happens from each other. From this, you can tell they have been married for a long time and trust each other. It also means they know each other well enough to know if something is wrong. Throughout the story, Brutus and Portia are very close. They have told each other everything that’s happened so far. This all changes, though. When Brutus is confronted by the conspirators, he changes his whole attitude towards Portia. He then becomes the leader of the conspirators and they plan to kill Caesar. When he becomes the leader they make a plan on how they are going to kill Caesar. Portia starts to realize that something is wrong with him and she wants to know what it is. Caesar and Calpurnia, however, have a different style relationship. They don’t talk about what’s going on very much. They have little communication. The worst thing that happens to them is when Caesar goes for the crown. The night before Calpurnia has a dream that Caesar was a statue and was bleeding blood, everyone was bathing in Caesar’s blood in the town. She woke up and screamed and Caesar asked what was wrong. She said she had a dream that he was going to be killed. She was then afraid for him to do anything. Outside the house Brutus and Portia are exactly the same. When they see something that happens outside they will tell each other exactly. Brutus, however, doesn’t tell her about the conspirators, which is outside the house. Caesar and Calpurnia do not change. Outside the house they still don’t talk to each other. They could see someone get killed right in front of them and they wouldn’t even have talked about

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