Brutality In William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

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Civilizations resemble The Revolution of mankind which had changed its qualities and values over time ever since the period of human socialization where people learn how to interact with each other. In our current society, even though a high level of education, Science and government has been reached, but just like an antique bottle that seems strong but fragile, our civilized society can easily fall apart due to causes such as the inner potential of brutality within individual that can be brought out under critical situations, the fear of the unknown which brings along misjudgment for people and the loss of legal guidelines which keeps society together by defining what is right and what is wrong. In the beginning of the novel Lord of the Flies, when the boys first arrive to the island they were portrayed as bunch of peaceful and innocent British school boys. By knowing that they might not get rescued and the fact that they were being isolated from the outside world and facing the task of surviving the island’s wildness without any supervision from the adult/grownups, the boys had to adapt with their surroundings and came up with their own rules which replicates survival of the fitness in which only the strongest or the one with the most…show more content…
The fear of the unknown was introduced to the boys as the “Beast”, what the boys don’t know is that the “Beast” was just the dead body of the pilot. The fear factor has brought many conflicts to the boys such as splitting the group of boys into two tribes; and it had also causes the boys to make misjudgments, and one of them involves the murder of Simon where they mistakenly thought that he was the “Beast” after he found out that the true identity “Beast”. Unfortunately, Simon’s misfortune was not enough to put an end to the misjudgment among those that are still
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