Brutality In Briar Rose

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Brutality is the actions of people who have the power of being cruel to others. This is thoroughly expressed in depth across the novel of ‘Briar Rose’ however; hope is also showed in the novel where people find hope either in themselves or through power of human spirit. The second dual chapter of the novel called ‘castle’ was told by Josef. The holocaust is an example of brutality as Josef re-tells his experiences in the holocaust. Yolen helps the reader understand that ‘Briar Rose’ is both about brutality and hope through the use of her distinctive prose fiction techniques and a variety of themes and techniques. “No Woman ever escaped Kulmhof alive” quoted by Harvey Goldman, this suggest that the Nazis formed the brutality as the woman…show more content…
The mist in Gemma’s version of the fairytale stands, in the first place, for the exhaust gas used to kill the Holocaust victims at Chelmno. The sleep of the people of the castle is the sleep of death - it is forever. But the symbols often have a cluster of connotations. The mist may also stand for the imperfect knowledge of Gemma and her family has of the events of her past, which they only dimly understand. As Yolen presents the significance and power of fairy tales through multiple voices ad dynamic use of techniques. One such technique is the use of an allegorical narrative. “Sleeping Beauty” is essential as it acts as an extended metaphor for Gemma to reveal her identity and past. This engaging device, intertexuality is used to deliver Gemma’s story whilst presenting moral messages to the audience. Jane Yolen has also used epigraphs at the beginning of each section, Home, Castle and Home Again; these present an authorial voice to the narrative. Yolen’s intention is to educate contemporary society of the atrocities of the Holocaust and to reinvigorate the readers interest in this
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