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Bruce Nauman was born in 1941 in Indiana, America. He studied mathematics and physics at the university of Wisconsin-Madison and art under William T. Wiley, and Robert Arneson at the university of California. After he graduated, he moved to a studio in San Francisco, and taught an art class at the Art institute. While there, he experimented with painting, mostly oils, before deciding to give up on paints, saying that “the materials got in the way”. This break away from painting and traditional art forms led to his very successful career in conceptual art. In 1964, he gave up painting for sculpture, film, and performance art, working on several collaboration pieces with fellow artists William Allen and Robert Nelson. After breaking away on his own, Nauman’s neon works, films, videotapes, performances, installations, sculpted body parts and word plays seemed, at first, shockingly artless.  Nauman’s style is one of exploration; he uses himself, and his inquiring mind and personality to examine the artist’s role in his art, and what exactly determines art.  He once said that he had come to the realisation that “if I was an artist, and I was in the studio, then whatever I was doing in the studio must be art. At this point art became more of an activity than a product.”  His market value has improved substantially; for example, the work “double poke in the eye ll” which was sold for USD $40 250 in 1995, was sold again for USD $338 500 in 2011. “Anthro-socio”  Description: an installation work of three projection surfaces and three monitors, which each show different takes of a man’s head gradually revolving on it’s axis as he sings in various tones of voice; “feed me, eat me, anthropology, help me, hurt me, sociology, feed me, help me, eat me, hurt me”  Effect: “anthro-socio”, in order to be fully conceived, needs to be viewed from within the room of the

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