Bruce Dawe Poem Analysis

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Bruce Dawe, renowned for his appreciation of the tones rhythms and resonances of the vernacular idiomatic speech at Australia demonstrated his skill with great effect in the poem enters without so much knocking. In this poem Dawe deploys language as weapon of satire using sarcasm to undercut accepted everyday ideas; in the first stanza both the TV compares Bobby Dazzler and indirectly the poet refer to the audience as “lucky people” in a sarcastic manner. While living in “the lucky country” this conveys the idea that the persona doesn’t feel lucky and doesn’t think others are lucky either, the identity of the personas introduced in the first stanza where “being lucky” doesn’t mean anything to the persona as a baby, unlike the older voice of later stanza. The adjectives describing the family are exaggerated and humorous one economy sized mum one Anthony squires- colostrum- summer weight dad. Which reflects the all-pervading and negative influence of consumerism in satirical comment on his nuclear family; in the last stanza the mortician adding a healthy tan he’d never had before the nice ride out of the underground metropolis adding a sardonic tone which gives an adding depth of meaning. This had…show more content…
Listening the imperative direction of signs in capital letter. WALK DON’T WALK TURN LEFT. NO PARKING. WAIT HERE” conveys the frustration the persona feels with the rules and restrictions of everyday life. The repetitive connection of the first line with the last blink blink Cemetery silence reflects both the reality of the cycle of life as well as its temporal nature. In death the absence of social restriction is emphasise through the listening of no responsible obligations or concerns. Through this technique the poet indicates the loneliness and emptiness of life as he sees it. Here the concept of identity seems to be lack of identity emptiness constructed through a negative reaction and cynicism about th
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