Bruce Dawe Homecoming Analysis

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Poetry Critique Analysing The Effectiveness of the Poem Homecoming by Bruce Dawe Introduction The poem ‘Homecoming by Bruce Dawe’ is a very anti-war poem about the Vietnam War and tells the story of how many Australian soldiers paid the ultimate price of war with their death. This poem is a portrayal of Australia’s participation in the Vietnam War. I believe this poem has the power to influence the views of readers about war. The poet starts communicating his feelings on war to the reader with the title of the poem and reinforces his thoughts with the use of imagery throughout the poem to paint pictures in the readers’ heads. This poem is telling a story of the homecoming of the dead soldier’s bodies and is being told by the poet.…show more content…
Repetition - “bringing them home” repeated numerous times at the end of a line throughout the poem emphasises the fact that Australian troops are being brought home. “Home, home, home”, “day, day after day”, “they’re” the uses of these words hint at the impersonal relationship between the bodies and their handlers. By repeating words at various points throughout the poem, it tends to create an atmosphere of normality. The death which takes place in war happens all the time, it's expected. By repeating "they're" an impersonal relationship is established between the dead and those responsible for 'bagging' them up. It is as if "oh well just another dead person". Onomatopoeia – ‘they’re zipping them’ The sounds of the zips of the green body bags ‘zipping’ the bodies create a harsh picture of humans being treated as objects, getting stored in bags. Assonance – ‘mute salute’ Assonance creates a rhyming effect which places emphasis on the words ‘mute salute’. Dawe also uses rhythm in the first section, making it sound almost chant-like through the use of pauses that form a direct beat. This rhythm suggests a slow, mechanical process, almost like an assembly
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