Bruce Dawe and the Peasant Prince Essay

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Bruce Dawe's text illustrates the power of the media, institutions and right of passage to subvert the individuals sense of self in favour of an external agenda. Dawe seeks to empower the individual to assert his/her own identity against the subversion through the texts of Enter So Much Without Knocking and Not So Good Earth. 'The Peasant Prince' written by Li Cunxin and 'The Blind Side' are both texts that convey the Identity through the way that both characters from both texts find their identity through their dreams and what the achieve from in life also through sport and right of Passage. The Blind side explores identity through institutions like family and sport, from the way Michael was a homeless child and felt as if his not accepted in life since his childhood was tough, full of racism, where he had to be someone who he didn’t want to be and suddenly gets adopted by a sweet family named Touheys, where he finds his identity through sport. Michael asks for a driver’s licence when Mrs Touhey replies with "Michael why do you need a driver’s licence", Michael replies and says "Something to carry. With my name on it". There is a close up of Michael's face with a smile portraying a symbol that through his past seventeen years, he never had something to show who he is with his identity on it. This conveys the message that when he finally gets his name on something he can use it to prove that he belongs to the society. His new family have helped him find his identity in life through NFL. "Most kids with Mikes background will not even come in 200miles from the school" this places emphasis on Michaels skin colour and his lack of belonging to area he is now living in, through his new family Michael receives support to not give up and reach the dream that he wants as also showed when Michael is playing NFL and says "With men this is impossible, with God all things are

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