Bruce Dawe Analysis

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Through different texts Bruce Dawe and Adam Elliot have expressed journey. Bruce Dawe is an inspiration to many and through his sublime poems has reflected many different types of journeys, including physical and inner journeys. Adam Elliot is another well known composer for his animated short films. Adam Elliot presents journey within his short film “Harvie Krumpet” through a mix of comedy and tragedy. Both of these successful composers have created different texts that are both centralised behind the major theme of journey, which explores important thematic concerns including identity and belonging, war, isolation and acceptance. Bruce Dawe is an intellectual genius who reflects the importances of journeys within his poems. ‘Enter without…show more content…
Harvie Krumpet’s journey is based around “carpe diem”, meaning to make the most out of the little time you have. Harvie is an ordinary man who has gone through his life with seemingly bad luck, revolving around the important thematic concerns of dealing with isolation and acceptance. His journey through hardship, difficulty and loneliness began when both his parents were frozen to death. Harvie made the physical journey of travelling to Australia, where bad luck continued to follow him. He was struck by lightning, had his testicle removed and his head was magnetised which caused him never ending misfortune. From there he found the love of his life Val, they adopted a child together but suddenly Val became ill and died on Harvie’s 65th birthday, leaving him feeling distraught and companionless once again. Although Harvie dealt with an extraordinary amount of pain and suffering during his life, he learnt to accept and make the most out of his life through the help of his fellow Alzheimer’s patients. Through his mischievous acts, Harvie makes a realisation about life, overcoming adversity through his persistence and positive attitude helps him accept journey of existence. Through the use of symbolism, non digetic and digetic sound, miss en scene, lighting, camera angles and with the clever use of material construction, helps the
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