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Description; The art inspiration I chose is Heavyweight Art Installation by Bruce Bailey from Toronto Ontario (09/08/99). It was created with acrylic paints on canvas and is 163 X 165cm in size. The painting is of a young man whom is standing in the middle of the canvas with a blue tone to his face and shirt. His arms are spread out and his hands are cut off to a spray of white design. There is also a circle of speakers around him that start at his ears and gradually get bigger as they come away from him. The background is filled with yellow and red design with one big yellow circle at the top middle of the painting. At the bottom left corner there is scribbles of graffiti and lines of red all along the lower half of the painting. Bruce Bailey made his artwork have a very abstract look by choosing the colours and designs he did, and used it throughout the painting which made his work very unique and interesting. Analysis; Bailey used colour and value elements in his painting. In his artwork he used the three primary colours of red, yellow and blue. He showed value by how he blends the colours to make it of lighter and darker shades throughout the painting. The principles Bailey used were…show more content…
Bruce Bailey shows in his artwork the movement of music and what it does to you. As the music plays around you, it enters your body and makes you want to move/dance around. Bailey uses the lines in the background and designs to show movement in and around the man on the canvas. Judgement; The historical importance of the painting is the graffiti aspect of the new art. Bringing street art which people frown upon into the museums of art, and making it apart of new history. I really enjoy this painting by Bruce Bailey because I like the way he used the colour and showed movement throughout the painting in an abstract way, and how the artwork has a very positive attitude towards

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