Bruce Almighty And God Essay

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Suppose for a moment that God is not omnipresent, but an anthropomorphic deity who looked down from heaven and saw that many of His beloved created ones were not attending church, but rather getting their inspiration from the movies. Suppose that this deity decided to use the silver screen to relay some important aspects of his character. How might he choose to do it? Through a comedy with big-name worldly actors? Might he possibly choose to use a movie with some of the rough elements to which the world can relate? The movie Bruce Almighty appears to have such a perspective. Starring Jim Carrey, Jennifer Anniston and Morgan Freeman, Bruce Almighty is the story of a young man, Bruce, who is frustrated with life and angry with God for not fixing things. He is living with his girlfriend, Grace (Jennifer Anniston), and working as a second-rate anchorman for a television network. He covers the local events that no one else wants while he watches his co-worker continue to get promoted. Though TV audiences love him and look forward to the zany humor he puts into every story, Bruce lives his life in constant frustration. He not only hates his job and rival co-worker, he hates the traffic, his car and the silly little projects his girlfriend wants him to do, like scrapbooks. Bruce curses and fumes that he just has no luck and no good breaks in life. He tells Grace that God is ignoring him, that God is like a mean kid holding a magnifying glass over an ant, burning off his tentacles and laughing. And, Im not OK with it! Bruce rails. Im not OK with this mediocre life! God could fix my life, but he doesnt! One day Grace gives Bruce some prayer beads, which he hangs on his rearview mirror. After a particularly frustrating day at work, when he gets passed over for another promotion, Bruce picks up the beads and cries out to God. OK, God, he pleads, I need a miracle. Show

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