The Brown Wasps V.S The Terminal

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In the very first beginning of “The Terminal”, it gives me nothing more else except busy, “cold”, and disorder. Furthermore, in such the busiest airport in the world, even no one knows Victor’s language and no one would like to help him-a poor people has no place to call home except stay at the airport until the war ends in his country. “What can I do here”, “well, you can shop”, nothing more than this. At first, I think it must be a film that reflect the minority people, including the Chinese problem relating smuggle or other illegal since I watched it in the Chinese edition again after class. But the most important and inspiring part is that Victor learns how to live in such a world, earns the mass people’s respects and love, find precious friendship and even romantic love. Finally, he went to the New York and got a signature from his father’s favorite band because of a promise. It’s him who made his dream come true. Life is waiting . While “The Brown Wasps” which says “ it was the world that has changed” shows a remembrance of place where the author himself and his father planted a tree many years ago. Similarly, everyone in the essay all lost something, including the mouse in his house and the flocks of pigeons. People and animals are act in the similar ways. They lost their field or their precious food. But even though, even these places or something we cherish in the lives gone, we can still memorize them in our hearts that can keep them longer. Like people we love died or moved away, may we have no chance to see them anymore, but we still together because of the memorial past. And further more, people and animals are never giving up. We are always seeking our lives and recreate the places we love or very important to us. By doing this, these places will never gone, just as Eiseley’s assertion that “the world changes but we do not. In the page 52,

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