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Functionalism Specifically Micro-Functionalism A functionalistic view of society specifically from the micro vantage point appears to me to be an inside out approach. The individual that prescribes to this viewpoint would first draw on individual experiences and surroundings to dictate the opinions and conclusions that shape their thoughts. The thoughts would be centered on the on the individual perception, personality and interpretation of the surrounding world. This approach, though possibility limiting one to known experiences would best serve as my sociological perspective. Members of society best serve the whole by serving their social groupings to the best of their given ability. With characteristics that may possibly be either socially positive or negative, great assets or liabilities, racially minority or majority, people or groups work to best serve the similar individuals by helping to create an environment where the group can prosper. For instance, neighborhood (groups with similar racial make-ups, social economic statuses, and moral beliefs) members work to create opportunities for its youth by establishing after school programs, strong religious youth groups, and recreational activities that keep the youth involved, entertained, and working towards bettering themselves. This insures a continuous existence and evolvement of the social construct and its way of life. Neighborhoods that make of townships or suburbs serve as geographical class systems as well as a litmus test to measure success. One may simply reach success by gaining the ability to move from one neighborhood or area to another. This betterment or self-evaluated analysis of one’s success or social economic status serves as a goal to reach for more and more; driving the subconscious drive to better oneself and in return betters society. This constant propelling of oneself

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