Brothers Are the Same Essay

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Brothers Are the Same a) The lion in “Brothers are the same” represents a barrier blocking your way to acceptance. For example, without Temo’s confrontation with the lion, Medoto would have never been sympathetic towards Temo. The entire time, the lion was blocking an amazing bond with Temo and Medoto. And when Temo encountered the lion, he broke the barrier and went towards his new relationship with his old rival. b) “ …Temas remembered many of the rules, the laws that governed combat with a lion- but not enough, for stubbornly, wastefully, foolishly, his mind nagged at fear of disgrace-fear of failure.”(237-238). This goes back to the thought in the Waters of Babylon, in the quote “It is better to lose one’s life than to lose one’s spirit.” Temas is risking his life to fight the lion, but cares more about the humilition that he would experience after the battle, more than that, the mocking of Medoto. In this process, Temas is currently choosing to lose his life rather than to lose his spirit. This occurs in many situations in everyday life. Whenever a person does somethng wrong or embarressing, they would think about killing themselves, even if it is just a brief moment. Sometimes people dedicate their lives to something or someone, and if they don’t succeed, they won’t see their future, and would be lost. That is when they lose spirit, and start to think its better off to die than to lose spirit. c) In page 237 while Tema was trying to remember the laws of fighting a lion, it says “…but not enough, for stubbornly, wastefully, foolishly…” This is parallel construction because it is continuously adverbs. Also in page 239, when Temas and the other warriors are fighting the lion, it says, “…pungent lion smell were mingled, blended, and in his ear an enraged, triumphant, roar overlaid the shrill, high human cry of his comrades.” This is a parallel

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