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The world is a melting pot, a fusion of culture, all fighting to have the strongest taste in the blend. In a world with this type of cultural diversity it is open to discuss, or rather criticize, the changes made in a culture. Wether we openly criticize them, or cleverly hide our critiques within personable dynamic characters. In the Novel Brothers, by Yu Hua, he criticizes the cultural revolution that China faced when Mao came to power. Yu Hua uses several characters and in them he embeds a Chinese soul who is true to tradition, or a product of the “lost generation”, he also uses other characters to embody traditional chinese morals and ideology. While all along he enlightens us on his stance about the cultural revolution and what he believes this has done to China. The Chinese ideology can be found embedded in their texts, such as the verses written by Tao Te Ching. He writes in a stanza, “That which is most good is like water. It is because water is not only good at benefiting the myriad creatures but also vies to dwell in the place detested by the multitude that is comes close to the way,” this text is displaying a Chinese idea of accepting the bad in humans as part of what makes them whole, and also removing the metaphorical dirt from their lives. The character that Yu Hua created whom embodies this principal is Song Gang. He represents the moral core of traditional Chinese society. He is the opposing force to the “lost generation”, which is represented by Baldy Li. Song Gang’s virtue is the foil to Baldy’s selfishness, his humility is held up against Baldy’s egotism, and his honesty triumphs over Baldy’s lies. A prime example of how Song Gang is selfless is shown when he tells their mother, “Even if I only have one bowl of rice left, I’ll give it to Baldy Li to eat, and even if I have only a single piece of clothing, I’ll give it to Baldy Li to wear.”(Hua

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