Brotherhood Essay

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What brotherhood means to me ? First I would like to define Brotherhood. Brotherhood is defined as a fellowship or alliance, however there is much more to brotherhood than that. Brotherhood is a feeling of love towards another person that is gained through shared experiences. The first type of brotherhood is the relationship between you and your blood brothers if you are fortunate to have any. This bond is one of the strongest bonds in the world, there is nothing that can come between this bond between brother . Blood brothers share much more than just a similar genetic makeup and the same parents, however these similarities are essential brothers. Another bond brother’s share is a mental bond, since they both have the same upbringing and spend so much time around each other during their younger years. This mental bond gives the other a sense of awareness towards the others feelings and emotions, and allows them to connect to each other on a much deeper level than just two coworkers or acquaintances. Another bond between brothers is emotional, since they go through the same experiences both good and bad they are able to share their feelings openly and receive the necessary support. The saying that blood runs deeper than water is the perfect explanation to how strong the ties of brotherhood are. Likewise the brotherhood experienced by friends is just as strong as any other type of brotherhood. The difference between blood brothers and friends is that you get to pick your best friends. This choice is the bond that builds the brotherhood of friends. By having the ability to pick your friend there is already an initial feeling of acceptance felt by both. In addition to the feelings there are the experiences that best friends share that add to the brotherhood. Best friends do everything together and as such have a lot of the same experiences and values which strengthen

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