Brotherhood Essay

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I laid my head on my table as I heaved a deep, exhausted sigh. It was the only way I could release the exasperation locked within me. It is that tight feeling you get when you are unable to think or act; even breathe. To be precise, it feels like owl talons clutching your heart. Sitting there restlessly, I cringed as fragments of yesterday‘s incident came flooding into my mind… It was an ordinary Thursday. The birds chirped merrily, the trees swayed in the slight breeze and the usual morning gossip was going on in school. One corner was cluttered with juniors, the other, with seniors. I sat there; motionless on the bench, watching the world pass by; my eyes blank and cold. ‘Hey James! It has been long since we hung out. Do you want to join us after school at Buzz café?’ I jolted out of my reverie. At the tail of my eye, I saw Tom and Mark grinning at me. A smile crept into the corners of my mouth as I eagerly accepted their invitation. These lads were the only ones who stuck with me through thick and thin and undeniably, I am more than willing to accompany them. In my tight social circle, these pals helped me through anything; whether it was work or even my isolation. With a spring in my step and a Duchenne smile plastered on my ruddy face, I walked to the classroom as I anticipated the last bell. It has been a long time since I hanged out with anyone and maybe, today could change my mundane life. Time crawled and it seemed like an eternity before the bell signaling the end of school resonated. With bubbling euphoria, I accompanied my friends to the Buzz café- a popular site where most teenagers spent time with friends. ‘So bro, did you check out the latest game boy? It is so cool! Ten thousand games, and yet the price is really affordable!’ Mark exclaimed. We were totally immersed in our conversation and I was certainly having the time of my life

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