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Robert Coppinger Brotherhood The theme of Boys of Fall is brotherhood. He is talking about how football brings people together and how he misses it in his song; he uses brotherhood in many ways of forms. The literary devices he uses are imagery, repetition, and symbolism. There is nothing like being in a football locker room and feeling the brotherhood that surrounds you. Chesney uses imagery very well throughout the song. He uses it in lines 1, 6, and 20. In Chesney’s song Boys of Fall the imagery in “When I feel that chill, smell that fresh cut grass’ he is talking about the boys on the football team looking forward to playing on Friday night, telling them to take it all in because, when high school and college is over you’re not going to get that thrill and since of fraternity (1). In the next line ‘ Took every ounce of heart, sweat, and blood” is talking about the sacrifices that one has to take with the team and be able to become a brotherhood so you can get passed all of the hardship you will face before and after the season (6). In the last line “news paper clippings fill the coffee shop” it represent the town coming together to show their support of the team and remind them that they have a brotherhood with the community that they live in. His chorus is one of the best parts of the song, “well its turn and face the stars and stripes, its fighting back them butterflies its calling in the air “Alrighty, yes sir, we want the ball and its knocking heads and talking trash slinging mud and dirt and grass its I got your number I got your back when your back’s against the wall”. He uses the chorus 3 times in his song and the chorus is what takes up most of the song. The butterflies the team feels as a brotherhood before the game is what makes them want to be out on the field together as a team and as a family. They want to be together as a family no matter

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