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The dictionary defines brotherhood as “an association, society, or community of people linked by a common interest, religion, or trade”. Brotherhood is much more than just being a part of an organized group of people brought together by a common interest. Just joining a group does not make you a part of their brotherhood. It is not the mere fact that you are part of the group that makes you part of the brotherhood, it is the relationship you share with the members of the brotherhood. A brotherhood would mean absolutely nothing without the relationship that comes with being a part of a brotherhood. Brotherhood is a family away from home. While this may sound extremely cliché, thats exactly what a brotherhood is for. The bond one shares with his brothers is the strongest type of bond a person can feel. While blood relation creates a bond that can never be broken, the bond created through shared experiences is much stronger. Throughout your life you create bonds with people through the experiences you share with them. The more experiences you share and the more meaningful these experiences are is what creates a stronger bond between brothers. Throughout your childhood, you share your experiences with your family and your close friends, and these experiences are what bring you closer to the people you have spent your life with. As you go off to college, you leave those that you have the strongest bonds with behind. The college experience is one of the most important experiences of your entire life, and a perfect time in your life to create the strongest bonds you will share with anybody. This is when you need to find a brotherhood that you are a part of. Whether it is a fraternity, a sports team, or just a group of friends, the experiences that you will share during your college years will create one of the strongest bonds you will ever have. College is full of

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